Jan 24, 2009


Bil weekend while at Eureka i bought a waffle maker machine (5.5kd.. a bargain!).. fa min sharait'ha wana fee qimmat il eshti6a6.. ga3adt adawir recipies until i settled with this, i wrote down the ingredients i needed to get oo i headed to Sultan Center..

thani youm faz3a min 9uba7 allah 5air (9uba7 allah 5air fee tawqeety ya3ni 9.00 ;P) 3ashan asawy waffles for breakfast..

il 5a6awat:

add together the dry ingredients

add the milk and egg

mix them both together

pour the mixture on the pre-heated machine and distribute it evenly

my waffles half way through =D

my waffles all dressed up in caramel sauce.. YUM

The pics may not look that appealing, but the taste?? soooo heavenly!
I can see many waffles coming down my way.. with a few calories tagging along ;p

Jan 23, 2009

3 in 1

here's another 3 tags post..

tag #1:

spreading the love with a hug!
ive been hugged by zuz and Zaina, i have to pass the hug to 10 bloggers.so:

1. FourMe.
2. FourMe.
3. FourMe.
4. FourMe.
5. FourMe. (here r 5 hugs just for u, 3ashan u know eshkithir we care about u)
6. Liivingmyliife. (3ashan ma tfakreen enich etsakreen ur blog again!)
7. Libero anima.
8. Fastidious babe.
9. Eshda3wa.
1o. Dandoon

tag #2:

right there on my shelf between the books stands proudly a butterfly shaped statue.. (thanks goes to Libero anima for awarding me this =D )

now 'll have to pass it to 10 bloggers. And the award goes to:

1. LiivingmyLiife : ur "dearly beloved" truely takes my breath away!
2. Um Manaf (the story blog) : urs does too!
3. Um Manaf (the original): i looove ur sence of humer!
4. Um Mit3ib: urs does too!!
5. Dandoon: 3ashan etzeedeen ur collection ;p
6. on the rocks: bcoz u rock!
7. Glitter: i love ur posts!
8. Eshda3wa: urs too!
9. layla: i love the pics u post.. amazing!
10. Ruby woo: i love ur posts too!

tag #3:
The favourites.

i've been tagged by on the rocks and Zaina..
Rules: add a new favourite to the list and pass it on to 10 to 15 bloggers.

now on to the favs:

Favourite colour: i seriously don't have a favourite!

Favourite getaway place: my livingroom

Favourite perfume (guys): Creed's Imperial Millesime

Favourite perfume (girls): Chloe

Favourite pj brand: no particular brand.

Favourite clothes brand in general: no particular brand.

Favourite person in the entire world: hubby!

Favourite country (not including your own): France, Paris in particular.

Favourite car: hmmmm meserati

Favourite sport: swimming.

Favourite sport player: no one!

Favourite spot in Kuwait: madry!!

Favourite animal: Cats

Favourite movie: You've got mail.

Favourite singer: no one in particular.. yimkin 3bdilmajeed..

Favourite day in the week: thursday

Favourite time of the day: il 3a9ir-magharb

Favourite holiday season: any hoilday will be ma fav!

Favourite number: 4

Favourite food: machboos diyay, mu3ajanat, pastas

Favourite chocolate: Lindt

Favourite cartoon: hmmm 9a7ib il thil il 6aweel, wadi il aman.

Favourite bloggers: the ones i'm always around.

Favourite Flavour Ice Cream: rainbow, strawbery cheese cake, shiko riko!

Favourite actress: no one in particular.. yimkin meg rayan!

*Favourite nail colour and brand: essie's "no boundaries" & "bold & beautiful"

now i tag:

lost eb amreeka, F, moi, Dandoon, lili3, aaaand 3anooda

heheh a5eeeraan i'm done.. ta3abt ;p
5ala9 no more tags for the upcoming 3 months!


Jan 16, 2009

Walking on clouds

When I was a little kid It was my dream to be able to walk on clouds.. I imagined how it would feel.. fluffy and soft.. 6ab3an kil hatha min ta2ther “care bears” aw il “dubaba il 7anoonah”.. I used to love that cartoon, collecting stickers and all! (6ab3an a7la il stickers kanat 3ind my sis oo ma kanat tirtha ta36eeny illa ba3ad 7annah.. her’s kanaw kash5a made out of fabric oo 7arakaat!)

I took this pic from the plane on a recent trip.. the shape of the clouds were so perfect that they had me wishing I could walk on them all over again.

Jan 7, 2009

Seizing the opportunity

What better time to go shopping than during a football game?!
i took advantage of our team's game today to do some quick shopping in a friendly, skyhigh-straightened-hairdos free environment, i needed to go to a certain shop fa gilt aroo7 during the 1st half b3dain arja3 akamil the 2nd half.. bs i somehow ended up entering shop after shop giving my cards some exercise ;p oo ma 5alla9t ella oo ohwa bagy bas 2 min oo et5alli9 il mubara.. If it weren't for my carrier bags chan 7addy ta7asaft oo thag 5ulgy!!

on my way back home ppl were honking their horns oo emshaghleen il flashers.. kan il wath3 e7assis il wa7id bil wa6aniya =)

thank u alazrag for this much needed win.. sha3abna min zimaaaaaaaaan ma estanas, thakartooh bayam awal..


Jan 5, 2009

2 in 1

I got tagged twice a while ago oo finally I'm doing them now!

the 1st one is by BeBe, the tag was to choose a blogger and talk about him/her.. (sorry BeBe it took me that long!), I'll take this as a chance to address some bloggers that I've been missing:

- Delicately Realistic: I say quit your job as a doctor oo jableena!! shino hatha min ballashtay dawam oo u rarely ever post =/

- Purely Orchid: Update update update update!

- Enchanteurs: last posted on 1 Nov??!

- Eulalia: last posted on 29 Nov??!

to all of u i say shiddaw 7ailkum oo nazloolina post.. 3al aqal wishing us a happy new year ;p

now on to the 2nd tag...

i've been tagged by Zuz, Think-Become, and Lost b2amreeka to do the honesty tag, the rules are to write 10 things about urself that r true, and tag 7 bloggers..

1. I honestly don't know what to say when i meet someone i know oo asallim 3alaih.. after "hi, shloonich? sha5barich?" madry shino agool! i hate the awkwardness that follows that!

2. I have to have a piece of chocolate il 3a9ir with tea.. it's a ritual! bas I can't eat a whole bar of chocolate, i feel guilty! ;p

3. I'm obsessed with hair products from shampoos to leave-in conditioners, i love trying stuff bs i end up bs akawidhum!

4. I don't like being the center of attention.

5. I like driving alone in my car just enjoying the music without having to chat with someone.

6. I try my best not to cry infront of ppl, I don't want them seeing me in a weak position. I find showing emotions very difficult

7. I don't know how to act in situations that need sur3at badeeha! ya3ni mathalan etha wa7da 6a7at yammy oo 5ashimha gam e9ab9ib dam atdoodah madry shasawy!

8. I wish that i can always say what i wanna say in the exact moment it should be said, mo ba3adha ag3ad agool laitny gilt chithy oo laitny gilt chithaak.

9. I can live only on toast and cheese and be very happy!

10. I find difficulty answering questions that, for example, want me to say 10 honest things about myself. it takes me forever to come up with answers =P

the tagging-other-bloggers part: i think by now most of u got tagged =)


Jan 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Kil 3am wintaw eb 5air =D
may this year brings u happiness and be filled with joy...

how was ur new year's eve??

mine was at home watching Dexter and eating pizza!
at around 11.58pm we heard the sound of fireworks so we took a break to go outside and watch it.. bs ma kan ebayin shay! oh well.. i'm sure ma 6afna shay! ;p