Feb 15, 2011

Weekend Lunch

Now that the weather these days is amazing, we arranged for a barbique lunch this past weekend. Whe brought Grillo over and had 2 food stations.. one for burgers and hotdogs and another for 9aj..

This is the burgers and hotdogs station

They also brought fryers with them to fry chicken nuggets for the kids and fries

and this is the 9aj station..

For dessert they made us nutella with banana 9ajs (they brought rahash with them as well bs no one tried it)

The food was sooooo good! the burgers were juicy and grilled to perfection.. the 9aj variations were soooo many il wa7id yi7taar eshyakil.. they were punctual arriving exactly when we wanted them to, and they were clean!

il 7imdilah it was a success =)

Feb 11, 2011

Shanghai Tang

Is officially my #1 destintation for gifts.. i just LOVE it!

It was my nephew's Birthday and i remembered that Shanghai Tang had cute T-shirts so I went there 2day.. just look at these pics!

So adorable!

Cute baby pyjama sets..

Love the colours..

Feb 6, 2011


I brought my cam with me to our weekly family lunch gathering to take some pics of the children playing out in the garden lil thikra .. while doing so I found this piece of corn on the ground and couldn't help but be amazed by the ants that circled it..

they were working together in harmony all carrying this piece in the same direction.. 

and when they reached the gap between bricks one went down in that gap as if to let the corn be lifted on top of it and a few waited at the other side to help!

I just wished that this beautiful example of uniformity and working-together-for-the-overall-benifit-of-the-community could be spread everywhere..

Feb 5, 2011


Four months and a few days since I've last posted!
Time to get (a little) back on track ;)


Sep 28, 2010

Water Bar

In a recent trip to Dubai we went to Dubai Mall and left the car with the valet parking, and when we came back to collect it they gave us this box as a gift..

I never thought water can be gifted but I guess I'm wrong!
I loved it!
It has a selection of 5 different types of supposidly some of the best bottled water in the world. All of them I've never heard about before.. each had a brief discription.. here they are:


2. Mondariz

3. Te Waihou

4. Tazmanian Rain

5. Ice Age

Here's their link: Water Bar

Sep 25, 2010


One of the songs that I really like right now is The Script's Breakeven.. bs everytime I sing along to it I can't help but feel guilty when singing the part "just praying to a god that I don't believe in" .. the other day while listening to 99.7 they played the song oo awal ma sima3t'ha i thought haw shloon be7i6oonha?!

guess what?? they cut that part out oo u can't notice that!
I'm searching for that version now bs can't seem to find it, I need to enjoy that song minus the guilt ;p

Sep 6, 2010

So velvety

Red velvet.. such a pretty sight! from basic ingredients being incorporated to the end result, the colours the colours!! i couldn't resist posting these pics, it was hard choosing which pics to post when all of them were so wonderful post worthy.. 
I made this along time ago but forgot to post it, bs what better time to post it than in Ramadan?? ;p 

It was a crowd pleaser ;)