Jun 29, 2009

Where am I?

No, not the apple ... i'm at the BIG apple!!

i've been enjoying the shopping and the food alot.. what i love the most when travelling is trying out restaurants and different cuisines.. so i'll be reviewing some of the restaurants that i've tried out here in NYC.. till the next post i'll leave u with some of pics that i took .. oh and please feel free to drop some recommendations of things i should not miss here =)

Jun 18, 2009

Spa Aquatonic

I've been wanting to try Spa Aquatonic at Crown Plaza since i've head about it .. so last weekend i went there with the hubby for a massage..

i like the way the place looked it was really nice..

and for once, i was able to understand every single word the therapist said unlike the usual! ;p .. bs the therapist was chatty! ya3ni i was just done with my treatment oo still on the bed when she stands yam rasy o tsolif!!

as for the treatment itself, it was average.. i still rank Spa time at the top and 2nd comes Elements spa at Royal Hayat.. but this is worth trying..

Jun 15, 2009


This brush works magic!!
oo the funny thing is that i was buying it o ana mo 3ajibni o magh9oobah!
i was abroad o ektishaft enni nasya my sephora ceramic brush ili kint amoooot 3alaiha.. so i went to not one but 5 sephoras o all of them didn't have it.

fa khathait hathi il brush illi 6ay7a min 3aini min a supermarket.. o it turned out to be the best that i've ever used!

as stated, it really is ouchless.. it doesn't snag ur hair at all..

o ba3ad it's fuss free when it comes to getting rid of il hair strands ili 6ay7een.. bs press a button and voila!

no hair there anymore! whoevere invented it is a genius!

Jun 10, 2009

Customer service? What customer service?!

I've noticed these days the increase of posts complaining about customer service her in Kuwait. it's like every other day someone has gone through a very bad experience o when they speak to the management about it it's either they don't get a respond or get a respond yiirfa3 il thagh6 illi il wa7id egool law 7agreeni yimkin a7san!

at a restaurant a couple of days ago at the avenues, we complained to the manager about something. bs ma 3a6ana wayd waih fa later on when we were paying the bill we told the waiter to call him again. 10 min later o the manager didn't come!

we called the waiter and asked him if he did call his manager and he told us that he did. so we asked him to call him again, just as he was about to yana il manager yitmakh6ar.. sa2alnah ma nadak il waiter 9arlina mudda na6reen.. chan egool la2.. good thing the waiter was still standing there so we asked him jidamah etha he did o he said yes!!!

il manager tuwahag oo gam egool "haa laa ma sima3t madry sorry"!!
3ithir aqba7 min thanb!!

mo kasir kha6ry eb hal mawqif illa il waiter! et'hagoon shino sawa feeh il manager laman meshaina?! maskeen shaklah 7a9al khoosh zaffah!


Jun 2, 2009

Experimenting with Kuwaiti cuisine

I did a huge thing. something not everyone can do.. something sooooo difficult and way out of my league.. sawaait machboos deyaay! ee ya jama3a u've read that right.. ana Journal Entries made a machboos deyay!

oo it was very good - putting aside the fact that the taste of maay ward o za3faran was a bit stronger than it should have been - the outcome was great! il deyay ma 6ala3 zafir mithil ma kint a7ati.. oo il 3aish was cooked to perfection!

i know il pics of my machboos deyay doesn't compare to Marzouq's.. bs u must see proof of machboosy's existence by urselves, plus this needs to be documented le2ana hatha 7adath tareekhy! ;p

Preparing the tub for the chicken

half way through

the rice almost done

aaaaaaand the end result =D