Jun 29, 2010


I was looking for 6afa7iyat for mini me when I found this censored picture on this box:
and right next to it there was the same picture uncensored and to my surprise the woman was wearing a polo shirt!! how is that inappropriate? i don't know!
bs two shelves below I saw this:
So a polo shirt is not ok while a Baywatch-like-swuimsuit is perfectly fine ;p 

Jun 24, 2010


Whenever I'm in london, an almost daily stop for me is Marks & Spencer's food grocery on Oxford street to get me some chocolate chip cookies.. I just MUST have it everyday!

The other day while shopping at 360's M&S I found this box and I was ecstatic!

I had to grab one to try at home.. it contains 2 bags, one for the dry ingredients and another for the chocolate chips.. u'll only have to add butter and little bit of water..

Results? I can have my fav cookies right here at home! although mine was a bit buttery, I think I added a little more than what I should have.. but it sure did taste and look the same!
so much for dieting ;p

Jun 14, 2010


- Who asked u to answer these questions ?
Just noon honored me with the crown a couple of weeks ago (sorry for the delay!)

- Mention 6 secrets that no one would know about you in the first meeting?

1. I'm VERY stubborn ( I'm a Taurus :p ).
2. Meeting them for the 1st time is stressful for me.. I usually don't know what to talk about, I don't know what common things we have so I tend to think alot about what to say ;p
3. I'm a competitive person.
4. I'm very considerate and do not to hurt anyone's feelings even if they deserve it sometimes ;p
5. I like to bake.
6. I'm older than what all people think. Some even assume that I'm 17 or 18!

- Pass the crown to 6 other bloggers:
by now I think most of u have done it ;p