Nov 26, 2008


the most amazing brownie in the whole world

so moist and has just the right amount of sugar..
what makes it even better?? it's lowfat! so u can (kind of) enjoy it while setting ur guilty conscience aside ;p

Nov 22, 2008

Walking down memory lane- Part 2

this box file showcases my pure love and affection towards..


yes, i used to love everything about football.. i knew all the players' names, which nady they played in, their t-shirt numbers.. everything..
i was better than most of the boys out there.. my cousins came to me for refrence!

i used to open the sports section bil jareedah everyday and cut out players' pics and organize them in my file.. 1st comes 9uwar jama3iyah for il munta5ab.. then individual pics of each player..

after that comes a whole section dedicated for nadey il Qadsiyah..

la7thaw il diqah fee rasm il shi3ar ;p

my love for them didn't stop there, i had the back of my door fully covered with posters of players that i used to take out from "il riyathy" magazine (yes, i used to buy that mag weekly!).. i was a hardcore Qadsiyah fanatic illy i even had this sticker saved for my future car!

adry, 7alty 9a3bah! heheh ;p

now i have no interest at all in football.. yimkin i only watch the world cup, that is if i have nothing to do ;p

Nov 19, 2008

Walking down memory lane- Part 1

Ever since i got married and moved out of my parent's house my mother always asks me to come and declutter my room oo take the rest of my stuff illy i left over there..

she does that bcoz she wants the room to be an extra room for my nieces and nephews, or coz she might break down the wall to expand il living room! ("3ashan entiwasa3" she says!!!).. well i'm sorry mom but that will never happen coz it was, still is, and will always be my room..

but every now and then i like to go through my old stuff.. i always find things that make me laugh or things that i compeletely forgot about..

i came across my collection of "alghaz" that i used to LOVE.. u know, ta5ta5 oo louza oo il majmoo3ah! i so wanted to be one of them.. to be ta5ta5 in precise 3ashan ohwa athka wa7id feehum ;p

i used to atbadal with my friends qi9a9hum.. i've read all the ta5ta5 alghaz i could find in kuwait! i bought them min maktabat that il salasil oo min a6las oo il3jairy where they put them fee very dusty arfuf outside.. i searched for them in every year's books exibition.. i even called il muwazi3 here in kuwait once to get my hands on the books i coudn't find! that's how addicted i was to them!

so addicted that i used to stay up past my bedtime and read them under the covers so that mom doesn't find out enny i'm still awake!
heheh! ... the good old times =)

Nov 11, 2008


i went to see the new 007 movie and guess what?!

a 4-6 months old girl was there "watching" the movie too!!!
la oo she was sitting right infront of me =/

la ya3ni come on!
why ya3ni why bring an infant to a movie?!

aside from the fact that her crying during the movie annoys me oo prevents me from enjoying il film, all that noise and loud sounds of bullets and machines crashing is not healthy for a baby!

oh and u parents..
if u have nowhere to keep ur child, do u really have to see the movie?!
doesnt't ur baby's safety concern u?!
oo ba3dain shame on u! having fun 3ala 7sab il other people illy bil cinema =@

some people are just too selfish..

image's source

Nov 4, 2008

Back to life.. Back to reality

and the boring routine.. oh well, life goes on..

I went to Germany.. And although i did't go there for pleasure.. I have to say it was very pleasurable.. The weather was freezing cold.. which was great! I got a chance to really a6alli3 qeemat my coats ;p

we rented a car and explored around the cities.. it's sooo much fun discovering new places ma kinna nadry 3anha..

6ab3an the star of the trip was the navigator!
allah e3afeeh il 9ara7a ma ga9ar.. il wa7id ma ysheel ham getting lost!

here are some more pics of the trip..

i loved those narrow roads oo the buildings surrounding them..

the early in the morning raining view from our hotel room in Berlin..

that's all for now!

time to go and catch up on all ur posts.. i think that it will take me at least three days to finish them all ;p