Apr 22, 2010


Found this advertisement flyer at the doorstep of our home:

shda3wa 76ooh bil zbalah!
what's inside? pics of plants and flowers

what do u think, very classy mo?!

Apr 19, 2010

A new life

that's what keeping me busy these days!
I'm a mother now eb fathl allah oo it feels wonderfully strange!

I can't believe how my life changed eb youm oo liala.. there is this tiny little person who's depending on me which feels like a huge responsibility.. especially that I'm new to motherhood.. latshofooni the 1st day at home after getting out of the hospital.. ubo il tedoodih! the 1st time my baby vomited I cried and was convinced that she must be having a fever even thou mom e3yizat etgoolli enna its normal for newborns to do that.. the 2nd time shilt shalayly oo ri7t wadait'ha il 6abeeb ;p

then my sis gave me the book what to expect the first year which I think every mom-to-be should have a copy of .. it was reeeeeaaally helpful I only wish I read it before giving birth to be better equipped for the baby.. il 7imdillah now I feel much more confident ;p

Apr 15, 2010

Remember me?

It's me, Journal Entries, do u still remember me?!

it has really been a while since I've last posted.. I've even missed my blog's 2nd birthday which was on the 28th of march (sorry lil blog.. enshallah tkoon akhir marrah ;p) bs it's bcoz of alot of new things happening (will let u know about that later on) and lack of inspiration ;p

bs enshallah I'll try to post more regularly =)