Jul 30, 2008

When you feel bored..

.. go to Ikea!

Yesterday i had nothing to do oo i was bored fa i decided to go to Ikea.. and this is the result:

Bear in mind that I only wanted to buy a table lamp for the chalet!

I love Ikea, it's full of stuff that u think u don't need but u end up buying them anyway! bs u do find them useful eventually. what i like most in Ikea is their boxes oo their closet and drawers organizers.. here are some things that i think all of u should get coz they completely transformed my closet and now everything is so neat and in place =)

i used this in my drawer to organize my hairclips, hairbands, some of my makeup, nail polishes oo kilshay 9'3eer malah mukan!

i used this box for the extra duvet cover oo il covers illy i won't be using anytime soon.. a7fath lihum 3an il '3bar..

i used these to store il ashyaa2 illy kanaw mawjoodeen bil drawers il kbaar.. my belts, socks & il *jeejeeyat (stockings.. eshtahait aktib jeejeeyat!!).. these lil things work wonders!

as for these two sets of metal boxes, i still don't know what i'll use them for.. i just loved the patterns on them ;P
i'm sure they'll come in handy someday!

*speaking of jeejeeyat.. widdy a3arif min ay lu'3ah yat kilamt jeejee! oo laish some say jeejee while others say hailahop?!
which one do u use??
are u a jeejee or hailahop person?! ;p

Jul 27, 2008

A new found love

there's nothing to watch, all my fav show's seasons ended, oo they won't be showing their new seasons anytime soon.. so i started to look for a ney show to watch to fill the void.. i chose Dexter.

it's about this blood spatter analyst who's also a serial killer.. but he only kills criminals! twisted!

Two seasons have already aired so that means plenty of episodes for me to watch!

at 1st i didn't like it that much, but the more episodes i saw the better it got.. when it reached the 10th episode 5ala9 i was hooked! i've just started watching the 2nd season .. i don't wanna finish all the episodes b3dain e9eer i have nothing to watch ;p

the actor really suits his role.. wayha shreer 3ala innocent mo??

Jul 22, 2008

The Dress and I

It all started last march when i was in Selfridges.. i saw this beautiful dress but being the very hesitated person that i am, i didn't know if i should get it or not fa meshait 3annah.. 2 days after i got back to Kuwait without buying it bs suddenly i had this urge inside of me .. i want that dress!

good thing my mother was still there, so i told her to buy it for me.. and guess what? it was sold out =(
i've seen the same dress in Liberty fa i asked mom to go there (maskeena mom 7abeebty mashwart'ha!) bs ham they only had one in a size smaller =/
3ad al7eeeeen '3ala zood eb 3ainy! 9ar i have to have it, i have got to have it!
i even searched the net but couldn't find it..

last may when i went on a short trip to Dubai i found it in Boutique One, my smile grew bigger and bigger as i approached it, only to have it fade away as i see that it was a size bigger.. esh hal garadah!?

last week while shopping in Istanbul, as i entered a shop there i gasped in disbelief, there it was right infront of me, there it was in all it's glory.. i almost ran towards it, searched for the tag and it was my size!! i took it off the rack almost hugging it "u'r mine! u'r mine!"

yes my dear dress.. u'r finally mine.. your here.. a few steps away, hanging proudly in my closet right this second, waiting to be worn..

oh and did i mention that i got it for half the price??! ;P

and here's the dress:

Jul 21, 2008

I'm back!

back to the routine .. back to work =S

it feels like a 7 years old's 1st day in school.. i want to cry! ;p
i have to visit some relatives, go grocery shopping, pay a lil visit to the salon, search for a new salad dressing coz naby ta'3yeer 3an il dressing illy we use everyday (any salad dressing recipes u could share would be highly appreciated) aaaand meet some friends... i hate it when my schedule is that full! =/

Jul 17, 2008

Greeting from Turkey

1st of all, let me state that i do not watch the two turkish series and that they'r not the reason we chose turkey as our destination! it's bcoz we wanted to go on a short vacay to somewhere close.. oo since some of our relatives had lots of fun when they came here last march, we said why not go and explore it!

we went to Istanbul 1st oo we stayed at the W hotel.. it's reaaaaaaaaally 7ilo! oo it's location is fatheeee3! loved it alot.. oo the weather was 29 degrees max fa at night it gets a bit chilly..

our room

the area where the hotel is in

bs guys il manather hnaak 3ajeebah!

here are some pics so u can see what i'm talking about!

now we are in Bodrum.. a place for swimming oo relaxing..

the swimming pool

the view from our room

we rented a boat which took us to small empty beaches where the water was cristal clear oo refreshingly cold!

i'll post some more pics later on but now i have to go to my spa appointment .. aaahhh i sooo need a massage after 2 days of sun exposure!

Jul 10, 2008

This Blog Is Going On Vacay!

Hey there my loved ones!

i'll be gone for a while on a vacation.. i'll be missing u all! oo i hate the fact that i might not be able to visit ur blogs everyday =S

right now i'm having a break from packing.. gosh i really hate folding clothes!
especially hubby's shirts.. it's very frustrating! it took me 15 min to fold 5 shirts ;P
oo e7irny laman ma e9eer il fold mitsawy (as u can see bil pic above!) arrrghh! =@

they really should invent a folding machine or something =/

Jul 8, 2008

Afternoon Snacks

This time of day (5:00-6:00pm) is the time for snacking!
a perfect estikana of tea with biscuits, chocolates, or leftover desserts.. browsing through my fav blogs and watching tv.. (actually, the tv is on but i don't watch it.. i know, wain il energy saving?!)

and here's one of my fav buscuits to dip in tea! ;P

so whats ur fav snack??

Jul 6, 2008


today i saw Hancock and it was goood! i enjoyed it alot..
It's been a while since i've last seen a good movie bil cinema =/
it's a comedy fa i had a few good laughs, but not as much as the person sitting next to me.. ehya '3ashyana min il thi7ik oo i'm like ana shfeeny ma ath7ak hal kithir shino ma afham il jokes wila lai hal daraja 6eenty thgeelah?! heheh wa3alayah la a7sid il bint allah ehaneeha =)

bs you have to see it it's lotsa fun ;)

Jul 4, 2008

Shoe Stealers

My father-in-law went to pray 9alat il ma'3arb in a mosque today.. and when he finished he went out to find his shoes stolen! wa3alayh he had to walk in his socks all they way to his car..

this is really sad, stealing ashkarah infront of bait allah instead of respecting the place!

so guys make sure next time you go to a mosque that u wear a pair of shoes that u don't like! or,like hubby does, keep a pair of slippers in the car just to use when going to mosques!

image's source

Jul 1, 2008

I came here 1st!

the other day i went to the salon to get my eyebrows done, it was a bit crowded, there was like 4 ppl before me, one doing her brows o one sitting on a chair reading a mag .. oo two girls chatting.. i usually walk away when it's this crowded coz maly 5ulg an6ir but that time kan il wath3 if i didn't wait now i won't be able to come until like 3 days after.. so i sat down 3ala mathath (7abait 3ala mathath hathy! ;P )..

they don't give numbers for ur turn or anything.. u just know who is before u..

in comes an older woman, about 38 and talks to the two girls tis2alhum ha 5ala9taw? galat wa7da la ana buga dory al7een..

il muhim, now that she finished it was my turn,, i stood up chan teyyey tangiz hal mara eb wayhy witgooly

woman: hatha doory al7een
journal: bs ana kint ehny gabil!
woman: la ana wiya banaty (they two girls)
journal: bs ma kintay mawjooda tan6reen ur turn??
woman: ee 3ala ma i parked the car. ( note that it has been almost 30 minutes min kanaw banat'ha mawjoodeen.. 3afya 9af6a ta5ith 30 min!)

i was really angry but i was in no mood for a fight fa sikat oo i let her go before me.. now as i think about it, i don't know if it was her right to go before me wila la2... bs china mala 3ilaqah ena just bcoz her daughters where here ya3ni ehya ma3ahum!? ya3ni if it was me i would wait for my turn..

the point is, in every situation imaginable in this life: the person that came 1st should be served 1st.