Feb 6, 2011


I brought my cam with me to our weekly family lunch gathering to take some pics of the children playing out in the garden lil thikra .. while doing so I found this piece of corn on the ground and couldn't help but be amazed by the ants that circled it..

they were working together in harmony all carrying this piece in the same direction.. 

and when they reached the gap between bricks one went down in that gap as if to let the corn be lifted on top of it and a few waited at the other side to help!

I just wished that this beautiful example of uniformity and working-together-for-the-overall-benifit-of-the-community could be spread everywhere..


Zainab Sadiq said...

Good point!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful !

Journal Entries said...

lakn wain illi e6abiq =/

very! =)

zuz said...

el namil 6ool 3umirhom san3een <3

Rumaitha said...

This is just lovely..!!

It gives the sole meaning of what being in a team means.

Anonymous said...

mashalaaaah ! , i have the a similar picture but with cake crumbs :D wala they amaze me

Journal Entries said...


exactly ;)

just noon
oooh 3ad cake crumbs would be a bigger treat for them i guess! ;p

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.Citrine.LeRoux. said...

Great post ! Thanks for sharing . This should be used in business meetings to foster team spirit !

Junaid Tahir said...

would love to hear from you about new thoughts which you mentioned in your main page of the blog :)

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