Aug 7, 2009

Like swimming in public pools?

If u do, I think u better reconsider that!

according to a survey that I came across on msn's site done to 1000 adults, 1 in every 5 admits to peeing in public pools!!

I don't like swimming in public pools sasan.. I'm not saying that I never did.. I do swim in public pools in rare occasions when abroad and only if the pool ma feeh wayd yahal 3alashan hal salfah.. I find it really disturbing that its very common among adults.. ashwanni I always prefer the sea!



Candy said...

i used to swim in public pools (ayam il hotels ayaaam 7elwaa lol :P)

but i prefer the sea

Manal said...


to the point

Fastidious Babe said...

i never do, never will be... i am a hypochondriac that way

7aneen said...

I heard ena fee pools that have this chemical o when someone pees it turns purple so yitfasheloon!!

Azure said...

hehe i love the ad el9ara7a i dont swim at all cos theres a big risk ull get skin diseases u never know who swims in the public pools so u better watch out

Anony said...

LOOOOL loved the sign!!

madre shloon hal awadem ysawoonha :\ yakhe wee3 :\ o tara el 7amam mo eb3eed ya3ni run for it :@

Anonymous said...

I used to not any more :) I am safe :D

rencontrer Pauline said...

true , sea much better than pools !

Journal Entries said...

eee waayd awnas!

lol! eee! ;p

fastidious babe
ok.. i had to research "hypochondriac" lol! ;p

waay hatha shay 7addah mumtaaaaaz!

m3anna fee nas egoloon enna il chlorine kills il germs.. bs i don't feel enna thats enough..

hehehe ana 3ajbatni ba3ad! ;p
ee yarabbi ya3ni esh-hal 3ayaz!

good for u! heheh!

another penelope
waaaaaayd better! ;)

PaLoMiNo said...

eeeeewwww waskheeeen :P

Standy said...

LOOOOOOOOL!! loved the sign!!!

as a yes we did.. now NO WAY!!
asasn i dont go swiming!

zuz said...

LOOOL i sooo agree! a9lan public pools esawon balawi 7g el bashra:/ i prefer the sea!

nosa said...

LOVED the pic! hehehe

its kinda true!!

i do swim in public pools.. but they r usually laides only or like in a university... i dont know ... i try not to think about whats in the water :p

i wish i had my own olympic size pool! it would make everything a lot easier!

Journal Entries said...

heheh 7addah!

a7san 7alaytay il mushkila min jathirha!!

eee matadreen il ashkha9 illi weyach shloon their personal hygiene 9ayer!

hehehe ee i think etha u thought about it alot il wa7id yit3ab nafseeyan!!

Cooookies said...

no thank you ! Im a sea person :P no matter how much they try to convince me its clean .. at the end im never convinced !! Dam its public then there's definitely some urine floating here and there !:P

foryoursoul said...

i like your blog.. very thougtful

fouryoursoul said...

cool blog

Elegant Chic said...

Sea is no different!!! :P
If peeps do in pool, they definitely will do it in sea.
Anyways, swimming in sea or pool never fascinated me :)

Mone said...

That's why I hate public pools I always thnk about this so
To be at the safe side I don't o mosta7eel a9lan mb nag9a 7asasyah. :s
I LUV sea

Journal Entries said...

eee wallaaaaah!

thaaaaaaaanx alot!
I'm glad that ur enjoying it =D

elegant chic
that's true.. bs how i think of it is:
there is a HUGE difference between pee in a 4X10 swimming pool and the sea that opens to an ocean!

yeah u r absolutely right ;)

Livingmylife said...

i NEVER swim in public pools! never! just the thought of someones dirty body being washed by the same water im swimming in .. waiiiii3!

never ever!


3aliya said...

yeeah i prefer the sea too!!;p

Journal Entries said...

eee that thought is really scary!

much more fun!