Aug 2, 2009

19 years ago

I found those satellite images on this site.. 1st one was taken on 31 August 1990, the second was on 23 February 1991, and the last one on 14 November 1991.

Click on them to enlarge and u can clearly see the severe impact the invasion had on Kuwait's environment.. u can see the burning oil wells in the 2nd pic and the oil lakes resulting from those burning oil wells on the 3rd pic.

To everyone who has helped Liberating Kuwait, Thank you.
To the men and women of this country, Thank you for being strong and 3ala galb wa7id..

رب اجعل هذا البلد آمنا وابعد عنا كل مكروه


Anony said...

OMG! eljoon aswaad!


wala allah ya7feth el kuwait o ahalha men kel shar

nameless said...

alahom amen,
7isby alh wan3ma alwakeil

atoona said...

wow.. the impact is that much visible from a very far distance away.!


Journal Entries said...

eee shiftay shloon ekharri3?!

ee wallah =(

ee 9ij the clouds of smoke bil 2nd pic waaayd thick..

The Extravagate said...

ameen enshalla

allahom b3d a3da2na a3da2 eldein

moi said...

this is sad:( e3awer el galb in a way..bes el7emdella e7na ebkhair now;* allahoma ameeeeen.

Ruby Woo said...

It's scary! Imagine beeing under all that in the second picture ;/

±What±Im±about± said...

7asbey allah wa ne3em il wakeel! alla la y3od hal ayam! allah y3ez il kuwait ya rab!

Anonymous said...

its heart breaking!!

Standy said...

just yesterday dad was talking about this and the oil rigs came up and everything..

Allah ye7fa'9kum inshallah

Journal Entries said...

the extravagate
allah yisma3 minnich =)

ee wallah il 7imdilah..

ruby woo
ee ana ma tewaqa3t enn ghaimat il suwad kanat this spread out..

what im about

yeah alot =/

oo e7afithkum enshallah ma3ana =)

Aurous said...

allah la yer7am ely sawaw chethy bel.q8!!

w yaaaa rab ta7fe`6 el.q8 mn kel shar ;)

Journal Entries said...

ameeeen allah yisma3 minnich..

Azure said...

رب اجعل هذا البلد آمنا وابعد عنا كل مكروه


Journal Entries said...

enshallah =)