Sep 25, 2010


One of the songs that I really like right now is The Script's Breakeven.. bs everytime I sing along to it I can't help but feel guilty when singing the part "just praying to a god that I don't believe in" .. the other day while listening to 99.7 they played the song oo awal ma sima3t'ha i thought haw shloon be7i6oonha?!

guess what?? they cut that part out oo u can't notice that!
I'm searching for that version now bs can't seem to find it, I need to enjoy that song minus the guilt ;p


Unknown said...

i love when they cut out those kind of parts in songs , it shows that we still care

zuz said...

aww ya7lelhom wallah zain feh e7tiraam 7g el deen :p

Fajoorian said...

i didnt notice that !! i really love that song!! but to be honest that part is really annoying! if you found that version plz share =D

rencontrer Pauline said...

I like it too, embala I noticed it ena shayleen el part ;/

Journal Entries said...

me too!

heheheh eee wallah!

will do ;)

another penelope
ya7lailhum wallah.. ana it wasn't until a few days back illi i noticed ;p

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