Sep 6, 2010

So velvety

Red velvet.. such a pretty sight! from basic ingredients being incorporated to the end result, the colours the colours!! i couldn't resist posting these pics, it was hard choosing which pics to post when all of them were so wonderful post worthy.. 
I made this along time ago but forgot to post it, bs what better time to post it than in Ramadan?? ;p 

It was a crowd pleaser ;)


Aurous said...

ay galby ;p
I'm hungry!

bel3afya ;)

Unknown said...

OMG :||||| YUMMI


bel3afia 3leekom

rencontrer Pauline said...

thanks for sharing girl, I tried red velvet cupcakes :)

doona said...

looks yummy!

aby ingredients plz (A)

zuz said...

a5eeeh :$ teslam el ayady o bel3afiaa

Queen of babble said...

wow! looks delicious! mashallah 3alaich:D

Journal Entries said...

it is a dangerous post to be watching while fasting ;p

smaher tariq
allah e3afeech =D

another penelope
haven't tried making them in the cupcake size.. i would love to do that one day =)

click on "red velvet" eb bedayat il post ;)

allaaaaah esalmich ;D

queen of babble
it was!
according to my family members they thought it was one of the best out there (chanhum 9ajeen ;p)

Anonymous said...

looks so yummy :) 3alech bil3afiya. 3eedch embarek :)

Lost said...


tislam eeediiichhh <3

recipe? :$

I love love love love love love baking & cooking!

...& I also love those pix. Mashallah, you can really capture beauty in everything you take a picture of. Even something as simple as cake dough!

Journal Entries said...

allah e3afeek oo ayamik sa3eeedah ;)

lost eb amreeka
abaaaaih thank u thank u thank uuuuuu!
ur comment made my day! =D

for the recipe click on the "red velvet" word..

Anonymous said...

so velvety so delicious . YABELAH

Lost said...

yayyy thank youu for the recipe love ;**

w tara magelt anything that isn't true, no compliments, you have a knack for this Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah ;**

a la Mocha said...

Am sure it was a crowd pleasure ;) Looks amazingly delicious. Tslam eedich. :)

Lost said...

hey darling, i'm going private so if you'd like to be added to my readers email me on

Journal Entries said...

lost b2amreeka

a la mocha
allah esalmich ;)
il 7imdillah it was! =D

Anonymous said...

a5aaaih ya galbi ! that looks sooo yummyyyyyy ;*

tslam eedich w 3alaikom bil 3afya ya rab !

Reema said...

Damn that looks yUM! Wow girl... *daydreaming* lol

hilda dada said...

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rupa kabadi said...

i know itz very late i saw ur blog while surfing. Saw this pic's of " so velvety". look's very tempting. can you post the recepie. Would like to try this recepie. Keep it up.

rupa kabadi.

Job Searching said...

wow! looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

wow! looks delicious!